WindRiver Regional Developer Conference 2013

행사 규모가 계속 커지는 듯. 상품 덕인가?



  • VxWorks7
  • WR Linux 6 발표 예정
  • OS회사에서 솔류션 회사로 변신 중.


  • IoT
  • Virtualization
  • Big data analysis
  • DPI
  • 94% said that Time is ready for SDN (LightReading)
  • 83% virtualization in the next product design -> NFV
  • 94% One scalable solution across all product lines —> NFV
  • Intelligent networking , IoT, trusted system, connected automotive


  • OS 동작의 각 단계별로 security 고려.
    Design > Boot & Execute > Operation > Power down
  • Core kernel 외의 부분을 package로 관리해서 필요한 부분만 추가/삭제 할 수 있도록 함.
    ** 각 패키지별로 별도의 컴파일러를 사용할 수 있엄. 각 패키지 코드에 맞는 최적화를 제공하는 컴파일러를 선택할 수도 있음.
    ** 각 패키지별로 의존성 정보를 가지고 있음.
  • Package Market 도입
  • Safety scheduler as well as priority based scheduler.

Linux 6

  • interoperability > Yocto Project
  • Speed > Agile
  • Innovation > Value add profiles
    • Profiles – Open Virtualization, CGL, OpenStack(yet), Security(yet)
  • Cost > Volume of customers
  • Yocto 1.5 based.
  • Linux Long Term Support Initiative Kernel(LTSI)
  • Bitbake build system

OV Profile

  • near native GOS latency and TP
  • low latency (under 3us)
  • with Intel DPDK vSwitch 450% performance boost
  • oVirt, open virtual machines management framework
  • not embrace openStack yet
  • Type 2, KVM based
  • : intel open-source technology center

Yocto roject

  • Prezi를 사용하는 듯 센스 있네. 게다가 Yocto 프로젝트의 특징을 설명하는 단어들을 설명하기 위해 한국 음식이나 전통에 관한 사진을 사용. 강사가 센스 있어.


  • Curiosity
  • Network reliability
    • failure in business infrastructure can result in devastating financial consequences
  • NFV – communication infrastructure while SDN is for data center.
  • SDN는 유사한 장비를 여러개를 한꺼번에 관리하겠다는 개념이고, NFV는 하나 혹은 여러 H/W에 서로 다른 동작을 하는 NE를 가상화해서 올리겠다는 개념.
  • From Heavy Reading, “I will buy from the startup as they move the pace what I want”. NFV is a threat to some product lines, companies.
  • Open Stack cloud manager in the north bound of controller in SDN. Common to NFV and SDN.
  • Embedded Computing Design wins. 2013 Top Award Winner,
    • DPDK + QAT(IPsec) + DPI(RegEx, Contents inspection)
    • Application Acceleration Engine
    • Content Inspection Engine
    • Flow Analysis Engine – pattern matching
    • TCP stack performance with AAE

RT Open Source Virtualization

  • Challenge
  • Legacy system can not meet the data rate explosion
  • New value added service
  • OPex, Capex
  • Open Virtualization Alliance
    • Promote KVM based system to compete with VMware
  • OpenStack
    • OpenAPI to manage VM
  • ETSI
    • NFV ISG
  • Open Networking Foundation
    • OpenFlow
  • 2013 Light Reading Leading lights Finalists.
  • COTS(Common Off-The Shelf) H/W
  • KVM is not certified hypervisor. Type 1, WR hypervisor is certified.
  • While based on the standard KVM, they enhance the KVM to meet the real time requirements such as low latency(Standard KVM shows 7.4x MSI latency) With enhancement the latency is downed to 1.5x which is acceptable.
  • publish benchmark result to OVA
  • Make KVM preempt_rt friendly to reduce latency
  • Passthrough DPDK???
  • Next Open Virtualization update includes live migration across the nodes
  • OpenStack focus on the VM management

McAfee Embedded security strategy

Simics , Customer story

  • full functional-accurate system simulator
  • register 외에 DMA, NIC 카드 상태 등을 모두 확인할 수 있다.
  • 시스템의 상태 snapshot을 저장할 수 있어 원격으로 일하는 다른 개발자에게 문제 상황을 그대로 전달할 수 있음.
  • 삼성 제외 대부분의 telecom 벤더가 사용하고 있음
  • Customer use case : 10+ boards, 200+ cores
  • 보다 구체적인 demo를 보여줬으면 좋았을 텐데 동영상 몇 개만 보여줘서 감이 안 잡힘.
  • 새로운 H/W는 빨리 지원되는 지
  • python을 사용해서 시험 자동화.

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